Shopaholics’ Paradise – 6 Most Popular Shopping Streets in London

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If you’re one of those who think money can’t buy happiness then you must head to London and enjoy its street shopping. Lively city with several shopping streets, London is the most popular shopping destination in the world. From international flagship stores to antique emporium, London is a heaven for shopping lovers. Street shopping in London is really fun and unique experience. If you’re confused where to start from, here is the complete guide for you.

Amazing Shopping Streets in London- The Retail Therapy

Oxford Street:

Oxford Street is one of the most popular shopping streets in London, which makes-up the main artery of London shopping. This world-famous shopping street has more than 300 shops, international stores, and designer outlets. If you are a true shopping lover you really can’t go without first checking out a plethora of overflowing bags here.

Regent Street:

Named after George, the Prince Regent, Regent Street is a major shopping street in the West End of London. It is located far from the bustling crowd. It is a calm tranquil marketplace that shows the elegance with city’s oldest fashion stores. Regent Street is the home to world’s largest brand stores including, Hamleys, Apple, Liberty, Burberry and many more. In addition to this, it is the best place in London to buy camping and outdoor stuff such as tent, long boots, RV patio mat, fishing equipment, etc.

Bond Street:

Don’t miss the chance to capture the high-profile people wandering around the streets. You never know you might catch a glimpse of your favorite Hollywood stars here anytime. Bond Street is an abode of various reputed fashion outlets that sell luxury and expensive items. From diamond jewelry to antique items; everything is available here for serious fashionistas.

Notting Hill:

Every shopping lover must have heard this name. If you have not, then head to this amazing Portobello road which is globally popular for everything – from antiques and vintage accessories to mouth-watering street foods. Moreover, it is the best street in the whole of London for capturing varied street views, in case photography interests you.

King’s Road:

A major shopping street in London, King’s Road stretches from Chelsea and Fulham in West London. There is a wide range of designer shops and boutiques on this street showcasing 1960s classic style. One interesting thing about the shops on King’s Road is their interiors that are quite classy and worth capturing.

Carnaby Street:

Carnaby Street is the most beloved shopping street among shoppers who love to buy latest fashion clothing from independent fashion boutiques. It is the oldest street which is located between the popular Oxford and Regent Street. This market street is a group of 13 streets having approximately 150 brand stores, 50 restaurant bars, and cafes. Apart from this, the street is also famous for various live music shows that happen here time to time.

So whenever you get a chance, take a walk through these fascinating shopping streets and make yourself more cheerful by doing lots of shopping.

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