Recent Cyberattacks Require a Call for Action



If you haven’t already, you should download antivirus now for your protection. Cyberattacks are not going away and they are only going to get more sophisticated as time goes on. The AVG antivirus app is one top-rated product that can assist you in protecting yourself from hackers, malware, spyware and other viruses that would wreak havoc on your device and on your information. It is very vital that you take the time to discover the abilities of the app and also gain some protection for your smartphone or Android tablet.

Affordable and Easy to Use

This free Google Play antivirus download makes it easy to protect your phone or tablet from the very moment you install it on the device. With the app, you can guard your photos, files, media, and other aspects of the phone without complicated processes. When you download the program it automatically starts running silently in the background protecting you from dangers.

Features of the App

A few of the features of the AVG app include:

  • Camera Trap – snap a photo of someone who’s trying to access your phone without your permission. If they try unsuccessfully to gain access three times, the phone will take their photo and email it to you.
  • Lock Your Phone – you have the ability to remotely lock the phone if you have lost it momentarily.
  • Track Your Phone – you can also use Google Maps to track the phone if you cannot locate it.
  • Task Manager – the app will kill tasks that are running in the background draining your battery.
  • Protection from Wi-Fi – When you’re visiting a location other than your home and signing on the internet, it can open you up to hackers, malware, and other problems. The app will scan the network, look for weaknesses, and prevent you from getting onto unsecured sites that could do you harm.

These are just a few of the ways that you can protect yourself from the recent cyberattacks that are so rampant.

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