My Personal Oven Cleaning Tricks!

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Oven’s get more than there fair share of use, im sure almost everyday you use your oven! So, obviously, after a few weeks uses it’s going to pile up with grime and get a bit crusty and horrible.. Which isn’t ideal!

The most common thing we suggest is using the auto-clean function on most modern ovens, but, lets be honest – it isnt going to do as good of a job as good old fashion elbow grease (you cant buy elbow grease in shops unfortunately!)

If off the shelf sprays and scrubs aren’t doing the job, we’ve got the best oven cleaner tips for you! It’s shocking, but wow does it get results – and you’ll be annoyed you didnt think of it before as im sure you have the necessary tools in your cupboards!

Simply, there are 2 core products.. Baking Soda & Vinegar. So simple, but hold on before you go rummaging in your cupboards – let me give you the step by steps!

This is what you’ll need:


  • Water
  • Spray bottle
  • Baking soda
  • A rag
  • Vinegar
  • A small bowl


  1. Get those oven racks out and get them soaking in hot water and vinegar. These can possibly be put in your dishwasher – check the instructions.
  2. Mix a few spoons of baking soda with water in the bowl. Create a type of paste that will be easily spread on oven surfaces.
  3. Get that paste all over the target areas (baking soda will turn brown). Let it sit overnight (at least 12 hours).
  4. The next day, take a wet rag and wipe out as much of the baking soda paste as you can.
  5. Put some vinegar in a spray bottle and spritz on surfaces where you still see baking soda residue. Then wipe with a wet rag.
  6. Put the racks back in the oven and turn the oven onto a very low temperature for 15-20 minutes to let dry.

Cleaning The Oven Window:

  1. Make another paste out of baking soda and water.
  2. Apply the paste directly to the window and let it sit for 30 minutes.
  3. Use a clean rag to wipe the window clean.

There you have it! Enjoy your clean oven! If you need any more tips, tricks or reviews on the latest cleaning products then take a look at the guys over at – full of great info!

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