Need More Space? Great Ideas for House Additions

Need More Space Great Ideas for House Additions

When you bought the home you live in you had probably calculated for a small family, with rooms for – say – two kids, space for a dog and a little more. Then the two kids come along – maybe an extra one – and you soon realise that however much space you thought was sufficient is never going to be adequate! The kids need a playroom, they’ll soon be too old to share a room, you want a space of your own – an office perhaps, or just somewhere that can be kept kid-free – and you are looking through brochures at bigger houses.

Bigger houses that, when all the calculations are done, you simply can’t afford. You’re not alone; there are families in this predicament everywhere. Furthermore, you might actually be attached to the house you live in. You have probably found good schools where the kids have settled down, you’re a short commute to work, and the local shops are great and easy to reach. Plus, it’s a nice neighbourhood that you have made friends in, so why move now?

You don’t have to – you can simply add space to you house in one of many different ways!

How to Add Space

So, where do you begin when it comes to additions to your home? Well, the first thing we should say is that this is not the job for your home DIY skills; instead, you need an expert who you can consult on your desired house additions, and they will be able to give you ideas as to what is practical and affordable, as well as offering fresh insight into other areas where you can improve things.

House additions can take many forms, so let’s have a look at some ideas as to how you can add space to your home at surprisingly affordable cost. First, what do you use your garage for? Is it, like many, simply full of stuff that you rarely use? If so, why not talk to a local house additions expert about converting it into a new room – or more than one, if you are lucky enough to have a larger garage. It’s a cost-effective method of utilising unused space, and some of the conversions around are spectacular.

What about your basement? It may not seem ideal but when you see what has been done with some under stairs spaces you will be amazed. They can make excellent laundry rooms, for example, or games rooms for when the kids – or adults – have friends around.

Building Up

Other possible additions include extending out and up – two-storey extensions are a popular choice and add a great deal of space, perhaps as an office and bedroom – or simply adding a deck in the outdoor area, which can make an unused area of the garden into the regular evening spot.

Get in touch with your local home additions expert, and see just how you can add extra space – let alone value – to your home with very little cost involved.

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