Mobile Games for Moms: A Huge Industry Sector




Often overlooked as serious purveyors of mobile games, moms are actually big fans of the genre, and for many reasons. They may not be portrayed in movies and TV shows as avid “gamers,” but moms – middle-aged moms, in particular – know what they’re doing when it comes to apps, smartphones, and all things mobile. It’s one of the best-kept secrets out there, but the eager ears of the mobile game industry are finally starting to perk up and, moms, they’re listening to you!

Moms Turn to Mobile Games for a Much-Needed Break in the Action

It’s common knowledge that your average mom is stretched pretty thin. In fact, “How does she do it?” is on everyone’s lips these days. Today, most women are juggling careers, jobs, families, budgets, and all the other details that make up the tapestry of modern-day life. In between shopping, traveling, child-rearing, cooking, carpools, and Pilates, there’s precious little time for relaxing; and that’s where the omnipresent rectangle comes in to save the day. Even if a mom has only a few spare minutes – on the bus, in the elevator, in the back of a cab, on line at the supermarket, sitting down with a precious cup of coffee – a mobile game is the perfect distraction. Fun, entertaining, colourful, amusing, mobile games are what today’s moms are turning to for a quick fix of pleasure. It’s why the development of apps for busy moms is becoming big business, and software people in the know are jumping on the bandwagon.

The “mom phenomenon” (there’s really no other way to look at it) is making such a huge impact that reports are being written and research is being undertaken, because no one wants to neglect this increasingly important game-playing demographic. The information that is being unearthed is fascinating: More moms play mobile games than anyone ever imagined. No longer is the typical teenage boy the torchbearer for mobile gaming; now, it’s the moms who are taking the lead and everyone else is following behind.

Moms Turn to Mobile Gaming Apps from Dawn to Dusk

Research has revealed another important fact: Not only is the average day of today’s mom busy and cluttered, it’s also long. By 6:00 a.m., if a mom is not loading a washing machine with laundry or figuring out the day’s menu, she’s out running or already at the gym. That’s why it’s not really surprising that research reveals that women are firing up their mobile phones and playing games from early morning to late at night; the games are always at the ready, whenever and wherever. And, ever the multi-taskers, it’s the moms who are playing mobile games while doing something else: watching TV, waiting for dinner to be ready, etc. They turn to Online Slots UK when they have a minute of down time, because mobile games are the perfect form of relaxation. These statistics prove what we’ve always known: Moms are trendsetters, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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