Liquid Chalk Techniques For Making Posters

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Posters call out for striking colors and dazzling techniques to make them distinct from the crowd. By now, your volunteers for poster making duty are beginning to consider the ways to individualize their efforts for maximum effect. Let’s see how to give them hints on using a liquid chalk marker to best effect.

Of course, you’ve used a chalk marker since you were a child, but a more effective poster marker uses liquid that is water-based as opposed to oil-based and you’ll be more satisfied with cleanup and erasure. Plain chalk produces dust and is not very visible during a drive by viewing, which is what most posters aim for. The twenty to fifty feet view is what the best glass marker can give on a poster, a car that you have for sale or a shop window. By turning the your glass marker to a broad angle rather than using its chisel point, you make the widest strokes for good, simple letters and numbers. Think of your liquid chalk as an artist’s brush with the ultra fine point for delicate work and the broad base for stronger effects. Push to get the liquid in the marker flowing and you are set to create.

The next topic your poster makers will ask about is blending colors to create that unique color they have in mind. When the liquid chalk is still wet, swirl to your heart’s content to create a blended mix of distinctive colors. Glass, metal, foamboard and even heavy paper such as cardstock form your background and if you make an error, wet wipes erase the marks so that you may start over. Whether you use neon colors or more subdued pastels, the broad strokes method outlined with a chalk marker equipped with a chisel tip ensure that your message comes across loud and clear. Should you choose a monochromatic look, your delicate work supplies a simple, clear text or design that signifies simplicity and makes for a memorable message.

A signboard in a café is an example of poster marker art at its best. For instance, blueberry muffins are the special of the day. Your work shows a sprig of blueberries in each corner that surrounds the description and price of the goodie. A fine line of yellow outlines the muffin that you’ve sketched, and the customers will line up to purchase the delicious treat. By this point, your poster makers have used these creative hints and their efforts do them proud.

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