Give Your Garden a Stylish Update with a Rattan Furniture Set

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The vast range of beautiful garden furniture out there means it can be tricky deciding which one to buy, but rattan is a classic that simply never goes out of style – not only will it give your garden a chic feel that just can’t be beaten, it’s also durable and guaranteed to stay looking its best year after year.

Why choose rattan?

Rattan is a very popular alternative to traditional wooden furniture and while it shares many of the same strengths as wood, it’s generally less expensive and needs very little maintenance over its lifetime.

As well as its durability it is also very sturdy yet lightweight, meaning you can move the chairs and tables around with ease, but they are also able to withstand windy summer nights outside. This lightweight-yet-durable quality makes rattan ideal for feature pieces, such as a hanging garden chair or sofa set.

And unlike other garden furniture, such as steel benches, rattan gives your garden more of a homely feel, with cushions for extra comfort and glass topped tables to lay your lunch out on. Complete the look with coloured or patterned cushion covers to hide the waterproof fabric and use colour coordinated umbrellas to tie everything together.

The most popular colours for rattan furniture tend to be black, brown and grey, but rattan is such a versatile material that it can be painted any colour you like and easily changed whenever you wish.

Maintaining your rattan garden furniture

While other furniture may need to be oiled, sanded and sprayed to keep it looking its best, rattan furniture needs very minimal care. Cleaning with a damp cloth and mild detergent a couple of times a year is really all that’s required, but you may also want to use a toothbrush to get in any cracks and crevices where dirt may have built up, especially around the bottom.

Unfortunately, the one downside to natural rattan is that it is not weather resistant and is susceptible to rot and mould if left outside without a cover. To avoid this you could opt for synthetic rattan which doesn’t hold moisture and is designed to last outside for long periods of time in all weathers.

Synthetic rattan furniture can look deceptively similar to natural rattan if the fibres are of a high enough quality, although there are those that would still say natural rattan gives off a warmer, more homely vibe no matter what.

Natural rattan can be made weather resistant with a water sealant but it is still advisable to keep your furniture set out of direct sun and very bad weather where possible to keep it looking its best.

Due to its pliable nature, there is an unlimited range of designs of rattan chairs and tables, which means if you need to store your set indoors over the winter months it won’t look out of place in your conservatory or dining room.

Rattan really is the perfect choice for those who want long lasting, stylish furniture to complement their garden, decking or patio season after season.


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