Gifts to Give Your Thanksgiving Dinner Host

Gifts to Give Your Thanksgiving Dinner Host



There are some very special occasions that we celebrate over the year – Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries spring to mind – but there is one that is always a great event, one in which friends and family meet and enjoy each other’s company, and one where a great deal of food is eaten and drink is enjoyed! We’re talking about Thanksgiving, and it really is a special occasion that we all enjoy.

If you are invited to a Thanksgiving dinner, and it is truly an honour to be so, you will want to take a gift to show your appreciation to the hosts. The only problem is, what do you give them that truly shows your real thanks for being invited? We had a look at some ideas for you, and we reckon there will be something here to help you find a great gift.

Bring a Bottle

This may seem like the obvious option, but a well-stocked bar is always a bonus at any Thanksgiving dinner. Why not buy something a little bit special and different to give your hosts? Perhaps choose a very fine bottle of wine that you wouldn’t normally, pick, or a nice single malt Whisky? Brandy is a popular choice too, and there is a trend for gin at the moment, with many examples of unique craft gins available. Shop around and you’ll find something that fits the bill, and it need not be expensive either.

Gift Baskets and Hampers

Another idea that kept coming up when we looked for Thanksgiving gift ideas was that of gift baskets and hampers. The idea is you buy a carefully crafted basket, which includes a selection of items that could be one of many things – there are a whole variety to choose from and they come in different sizes and styles – and it makes a really neat and affordable Thanksgiving gift that will be truly appreciated. There are baskets for kids, too, so you could buy one of each!

Take a Dish

Why not offer to make something to add to the meal? You could take a side dish for example, or agree to provide dessert? Or you could surprise your hosts by taking canapes or even, say, a joint of meat? Dried meat is also a great idea, and cheese will certainly be welcome. Think about what you would appreciate your guests bringing if you were hosting the Thanksgiving dinner, and take it from there! You’re sure to come up some ideas that are simple yet effective, and not expensive.

A Foodie Gift

If your host or hosts are foodies, and enjoy their cooking, why not take them something that recognises this? Perhaps some fine oil or vinegar, or a set of quality utensils? Anything that shows you appreciate their cooking and are honoured to be their Thanksgiving guest.

There are plenty more ideas – a floral centrepiece, for example – that make a great gift for the Thanksgiving host, so have look around, and we hope we have helped you find something welcome and enjoyable.

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