Getting the Kids Active: Top Tips

Getting the Kids Active


When they’re bouncing around the living room and hanging off banisters, it might not seem like you have any difficulty in getting kids active! But burning off that energy, especially during the holidays, can be a fantastic way to bond and have fun together. And the best bit? No gym membership required!

Teach your child to ride a bike or build a den and pass on new skills they’ll use for the rest of their lives. Here are six fun ways to get active together.

  1. Build a den – use sticks and fabric to make tepees or treehouses, allowing the structures to become more complex as kids get older. This is a great whole-body exercise and one that also engages little brains by getting them to work out how to make their den stay up!
  2. Teach your child to ride a bike – cycling is a fantastic, low-impact exercise that’s also great fun! Begin somewhere peaceful and preferably grassy, away from roads and hard surfaces, and make sure kids are wearing a helmet. It’s a habit that is best to get them into while they’re young. For more comprehensive tips to teach your child to ride a bike click here.
  3. Go wild swimming – choose an outdoor lake or river to paddle in, and ensure you’ve checked for depth as well as any hidden holes before letting little ones leap in. As long as you’re prepared and know the area, wild swimming can be a stimulating way to get active and explore nature. Kids can identify water-bound birds and plants, appreciating an ecosystem that’s otherwise seldom seen. For the really environmentally conscious, you can even invest in some sustainable fashion for your excursion.
  4. Fly a kite – hike to the top of a hill and get flying! You can even spend the morning getting kids to craft their own kites, and then spend the afternoon testing what works in the air. Take a picnic lunch to make a day of it. Just stay away from trees and watch out for other walkers!
  5. Play games – play is one of the best ways for kids to learn. Whether it’s tag, Frisbee, or rainy day indoor games like musical statues and ping pong, you’ll find yourself getting totally absorbed in the fun too. Get water involved on a hot day, with water balloon dodgeball, or set up a mini-Olympics for something a little different.
  6. Go rollerblading – this activity might test your limits as well as your kids, but you can always start out indoors on four wheels. Rollerblading is a fantastic way to develop balance, posture and coordination, as well as being great fun. Switch it up with ice skating in the winter.

Kids have their own opinions too; there might be a skill they want to learn with you, from surfing to long jumping, that you would never have thought to try. Taking on a new skill together can be the most exciting and fun challenge of all so why not ask your little ones what activities they want to try and then see if it is possible. The only limit is your – and their – imagination.

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