Expert After-Storm Clean-Up Services

Expert After-Storm Clean-Up Services

It remains a fact that there is nothing we can do about nature. The weather is a law unto itself and, while we now have quite accurate forecasts so can prepare for what is on the way, there’s little that can be done once, say, a storm engulfs us. Storms can be quite severe, especially in some areas, and even those that are moderate can cause damage to property. If you have trees on your land you will also know that they can be badly affected by high winds and rain.

A fallen tree can cause a lot of damage; it may fall on a fence or hedge, for example, and will undoubtedly crush it. Trees falling on cars – which happens surprisingly often – will usually render the vehicle written off. Worse still is when a tree falls and hits a house or other building; the damage and ensuing expense in these instances can be considerable, and if anyone is in the vicinity they may well suffer serious injury.

Also a problem is when a tree – or parts of it damaged by a storm – falls on a power line. Not only will this take out the supply in the neighbourhood, but removing the tree is a job that should only ever be carried out by an expert with the right knowledge and the correct equipment.

Emergency Help

So, let’s say a storm hits and you end up with large branches of your trees across the garden and on the road outside. Or, in fact, an entire tree crashes down and through your boundary, and blocks the road. It may take powerlines with it, or cause damage to property. What is the next course of action?

You need to contact your local storm cleanup experts, who will be with you within 24-hours to help put things right. Ariel Tree Service covers the area in and around Lansing, and they have the expertise and knowledge – not to mention the experience and equipment – to attend to all your after-storm clean-up needs. They will provide you with professional and friendly service every time, and make sure that you have everything back to normal as quickly as possible.

Further Services

In addition to after-storm cleanup services, your local tree experts can help you with many other aspects of tree maintenance and management you may require. For example, if your trees are damaged beyond repair – or are left in a dangerous state – or you find they are diseased, they can remove them for you, using the latest techniques and the right equipment, and at surprisingly little cost.

They can also help with stump removal – a very difficult job requiring great expertise, especially where the roots are extensive – and offer regular tree pruning and trimming services that mean you can keep your trees beautiful, healthy and safe.

Make sure you get in touch if you need emergency after-storm services, or contact them for a free, no obligation quote for all your tree maintenance or removal requirements.

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