Deciphering the signals: How to tell if she cares

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Whatever your goggly-eyed darling may be twitterpattering in your ear, true love and short-lived infatuation are not made from the same stuff. Love cannot be gauged by the amount of attention and romantic presents your beloved showers you with, but it does contain a precious ingredient all lasting inter-personal bonds are built on: care. But how can you tell your lady really cares about you and is not in it just for kicks? Here are the top five telltale signs that your relationship is built on healthy foundations of caring, selflessness, respect, and deep affection.

1. She actively listens you

Communication is an integral component of all human bonds: without it, even the most loving relationships will crash eventually. Communication does involve exchange of ideas, opinions, and emotions, but if your lady talks nineteen to the dozen, keeps cutting you off mid-sentence, and you can never get a word in edgeways, odds are she either has a serious case of ADHD or she simply does not care about your thoughts and feelings. A woman who cares will listen to you actively and interrupt you seldom, if ever – so if your babe knows when to shut the yap and hear you out, she probably cares about you more than she may be letting on.

2. She wants to introduce you to her family

Has she invited you to a family gathering for the holidays? If she has, do not turn down the invitation, because she is a keeper. If your lady wants you to meet her family and friends, it is a surefire sign that she considers you an integral part of her life and not just a summer fling or part-time lover. You yourself would not introduce your parents to a trophy girl you aim to ditch as soon as a hotter babe catwalks across the room, would you now?

3. She is mindful of your well-being

The fact that she does not let you pig out on French fries and potato crisps is not a symptom of sadism: it is a sign that she cares about your long-term well-being. Also, do not go all Hulk on her if you find a pair of quality men’s gym clothes in your present with her “Happy Birthday” note attached: she is not plotting to embarrass you in front of all party guests, she is probably just trying to subtly remind you to start paying more attention to your health.

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4. She remembers things that are important to you

Women have brains the size of an elephant, and you would be amazed by the sheer quantity of things they keep track of. If your prettier half never forgets your anniversary, takes you out for a dinner to celebrate important relationship dates, and always wishes you luck before a big interview or business meeting, her emotions for you go deeper than skin-level. Of course, do not expect her to remember the names of your childhood playmates and favorite soccer players – but the fact that she knows which team you root for, your jeans and footwear size, and your culinary likes and dislikes is an excellent sign of her care.

5. She does not shy away from compromises

Relationships are tricky business, especially if your lady’s mind is not an exact copy of your own. Sharing the same ideals, hobbies, and life goals is not a given in partnerships, but if your girl is eager to make a few compromises, she obviously cares about you a lot since she is willing to put you before her desires or plans. Of course, you should not demand her to forgo her friends and hobbies just because you want more of her attention – but if she takes a rain check on a Friday night party and comes over to make you soup when you are down with flu, she is for keeps.

Physical chemistry ebbs and flows, but once gooey eyes turn sober and butterflies quiet down, it is caring, respect, honesty, support, and deep love that kick in. If your girlfriend loves you truly, she will show it – so watch out for the pointers listed above and you will never go wrong with your choice of partner.

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