How to create a nighttime skincare routine that works for your skin type


Having a regular skincare routine is more important than you may originally anticipate. It’s also important to have one tailored to you, not least because all skin types are different.

Why do we need a regular skincare routine?

This is important because oils sheds itself daily and even if you moisturised, exfoliated and cleansed yesterday, that healthy skin of today will be shedding as you read this. By developing a daily skincare are routine, you will help to retain that healthy glow. Additionally, regularly cleansing your skin will help to clear your face of dirt, pathogens and oily substances whilst moisturising will help to ensure the skin maintains its fight against harsh weather and infection.

How do I develop a nighttime skincare routine that works for me?

First, you must decide the density of your skin. Those with those with thick skin tend to experience more laxity or skin drooping, while people those with thin skin are more prone to wrinkles and premature lines. Thick skin can be defined as the separation between your fingers being anywhere from .5 to 1 cm when pinching your cheek whilst thick-skinned people will have 1.5 cm or more. For skin that veers more towards the thin side, products with high levels of retinol are recommended as these are known to enhance the plumpness of skin.

Next, work out whether you have oily or dry skin. This is important because oily skin can cause acne and inflammation whereas lack of oil can lead to skin drying out, leading to wrinkles. You can tell what your skin type is by washing and drying your face before blotting it with a tissue. If your skin is oily, the tissue is likely to stick. If it does sick, be sure to cleanse your face with a face wash that contains salicylic acid, however, if you have dry skin, increase hydration both inside and out. Brands such as Tropic Skincare offer products that help specifically with the dehydration of skin, which would save you both time and money in your overall skincare routine.

How do I create a nighttime skincare routine?

You should start with make-up removal. Your eye area is prone to aging and the most sensitive skin on your face. By using a gentle dissolving eye makeup remover and cotton pad, this will prevent having to scrub and tug, protecting the skin around your eyes.

Secondly, a water-based cleanser should be used as this will help to lift and remove water-based free radical damaging agents after a long day. For those of you with dry skin, use an oil-based cleanser. Using a toner will help to balance the skin PH whilst preparing the skin for the nighttime moisturisers set to come. Remember to press the toner onto your face rather than using a cotton pad.

The final step of your nighttime skincare routine should include using a moisturiser as this will help to seal in the efforts of the previous steps. Though it’s important to remember that night creams and sleeping masks are likely to still be lingering the following morning so be sure to start your day by using an oil-based cleanser on your face as this will help to properly cleanse your skin.

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