How You can have the Ultimate Spa Experience with Your Own Steam Shower

Ultimate Spa Experience



A bathroom used to be a simple utilitarian space where one’s necessities were performed – but those times are long gone. Nowadays, a bathroom is a place where a person gets ready for a new day, and relaxes once the day is over. It’s not just about hygiene – it’s about rediscovering who you are and either composing yourself, or decompressing when the work is done. It’s no wonder that more and more people try to create a spa-like atmosphere in their bathroom. If you want to experience the luxury and health benefits right in your own home, this one’s for you: here’s how you can have the ultimate spa experience with your own steam shower.

The steam shower

A steam shower is essentially a shower (it has the option of giving you a conventional shower), but with a lot more benefits – the benefit of steam. A steam generator produces heat, and water in the form of steam is blown out of nozzles, engulfing the bather in the cubicle with vapourised, hot water. It does, however, require special installation as there are certain things to take care of: electrical wiring should be secure, water proofing is a must, and the cubicle should allow for space to sit down. It’s like a sauna – but better. There’s low temperature, moist enjoyment rather than the high temperature, dry relaxation you get at the sauna.

The installation

Whilst a few alterations have to be made to most bathrooms in order to accommodate a steam shower, most installations are still very easy to perform – provided, of course, that you let professionals take care of it. There are some additional requirements, such as proper waterproofing (the walls, floors, and ceiling) because the damp and steam will be spread over the whole cubicle. Furthermore, if you have additional space, you may want a bench installed in order to get the maximum benefit of relaxation during your steam shower session.

The numerous benefits

Here are just some of the benefits of a steam shower:

  • De-clogging of airways (great for colds, asthma, or pulmonary diseases)
  • Opening of skin and thorough cleaning
  • Muscle and joint relaxation
  • Improved blood circulation, heightened immune system and blood pressure
  • Relaxed mind, decrease in stress and improved sleep

Just like the soaking tubs and the whirlpool baths, what once was only a privilege of the few has now become the trend of the people; anyone can now enjoy the advantages of steam showers. The costs have gone down tremendously, and although the installation still requires the work of professionals, manufacturers have come up with easy-to-install, pre-made models that fit into almost any home. If you want to improve the quality of your life and have the ultimate spa experience in your own home, there’s no better choice than to install a steam shower.

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