Should I Buy Eyelashes or Get Mink Lash Extensions?




To False Lash Or Mink Lash?

Eyelash extensions are growing in popularity, and new types of these add-ons are made available with each passing day. One question which has frequently is doing rounds about what you should go for; false eyelashes or get an extension. They provide the same cosmetic benefit. Users across the world have admitted that extensions give immensely attractive eyes and they are overwhelmed to see the compliments they got all the time. Before you go ahead and decide which one to choose, you must know the vital differences between artificial eyelashes and extensions.

Difference between lash extensions and false eyelashes

Eyelash extensions made from silk, faux mink (getting real Mink lash extensions is cruelty to animals) and polished, acrylic material (that is, they are synthetic) are standard, while false eyelashes are a strip of synthetic hair with adhesive. False lashes are easy to use, are dirt cheap and readily available, lash extensions require you to get them professionally done, are more expensive (they cost around $200 to $300) and need about 2 hours to apply. False eyelashes require consistent maintenance and daily change. They can look stiff and unnatural. These can also cause infection to eyes sometimes. Synthetic and silk eyelashes are thick ones and are put to use by brides who are looking for glamour options. Mink lash extensions have become popular nowadays as they give 100 percent natural look, are lighter in weight and provide full, fluffed up and curled eyelashes. Let’s talk more about them.

Using mink lash extensions

Getting lash extensions is a time-consuming process which involves having to get the procedure done by an esthetician, which means it can take up to 2 hours to 3 hours. I got mine done at BlinkBar and highly recommend them These are applied one hair at a time because they have to gel perfectly with your natural eyelashes. They have to be refilled every few weeks so that their fluffiness remains evident. It is a safe process, gives a natural look, these extensions last longer (can last up to a year) and are more durable, that is, there are very few chances of these falling off your face. These are costlier than using false eyelashes, but the results speak volumes!

Mink lashes vs. faux Mink lashes

Yes, there are two variants to these. Using real mink (fur) from animals is not preferred by most people, and hence faux Mink lashes have become popular. Made from artificial fibers, these look like real mink fur. These lashes are fine, soft, silky and are very lustrous giving your eyelashes a glossy look.

Worth of lash extensions

Apart from being more expensive compared to false lashes, these extensions come with another drawback: you shouldn’t swim or engage in any activity that makes you sweat profusely, for the first 48 hours after you go them. Other than that, these extensions are just perfect!

The idea that false eyelashes and lash extensions have the same purpose to serve confuses a lot of people. Time, cost, availability, lasting power, durability and look are some factors which you should keep in mind before opting for either.

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