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Your bedroom is a private space where you retreat to after a hard day’s work. Thus, you need to ensure that it represents your personal style making it a pleasant and relaxing environment.

Although the process of injecting your personality into your bedroom is easy, you may sometimes be tempted to bring to your bedroom furniture that you do not need leaving you with a cramped room.

However, with the right guidelines and insight on the value of various bedroom furniture you will not only be able to find the ideal product from Bedrooms Direct but also get your bedroom more organized.

Before looking at the guidelines to buying bedroom furniture, here is a quick overview of furniture and their functions:

Bedside Drawers

Bedside drawers are a common feature in just about every bedroom. This is because they make a great resting place for placing a bedside lamp or resting a book or even trinkets and photo frames. The bedside cabinets, as they are also called, come in different styles with varying heights and number of drawers. Bedrooms direct offers a wide range of bedside drawers.

Chest of drawers

This is mainly a storage unit that comes in handy when you have more clothes than your wardrobe can accommodate or those clothes that do not necessarily have to be hang up. The chest of drawers is also a good spot for placing candles, your television and even display photos. They are generally taller than the bedside drawers with drawers stacked either over the other or side-by-side.


This is another central piece of furniture for the bedroom, and something most house buyers will look for. Wardrobes are used as a main storage for clothes. However, a good wardrobe can blend style and elegance with functionality giving your bedroom that ultimate appeal. This is especially true if the wardrobe has sliding doors. If you have a traditional wardrobe, you can still upgrade it with sliding wardrobe.

Dressing table

This piece of furniture is important in helping you get more organized especially for women. It is that place where you spent time getting ready for the day or even night without having to rummage through everything. The dressing table holds your entire make up, jewelry as well as other beauty products.

Guidelines to buying your bedroom furniture

It may seem as if you need just about each of the bedroom furniture discussed above. However, this is not true as you are likely to end up with a lot of furniture and no space. Here are some guidelines to buying your bedroom furniture:

  • Consider the space – You need to keep in mind that the bedroom where you want to take some time and relax. Thus, you need adequate space and good ventilation. Therefore, if your bedroom is small only go for the furniture that is essential.
  • Prioritize functionality – You should not buy bedroom furniture just because you like it rather consider its functionality. Where possible, consider furniture that is versatile in its functionality so that you are able to make the most of it without utilizing all the space that is available
  • Maintain a tranquil color palette – Having furniture that is finished in lighter shades of color is a great way to tricking the eye to think of the room as being bigger that it actually is. Neutrals like whites, creams as well as earth tomes can be complemented accessories that offer a pop of color giving the space character.

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