Which Baby Gifts Will Wow New Moms?

baby gifts

Nowadays, at baby showers, new moms receive mountains of new clothes and the trendiest toys. However, what baby items do new moms-to-be really want? Which items make their life easier, and which items wow the entire crowd? Some of these are no-brainers and some of these may surprise you.

  • Gifts for nursing moms – Near the top of most new mom’s baby essentials is the items she’ll need to nurse the baby. These likely include reusable nursing pads, the ever popular bobby pillow, which allows baby to be positioned while feeding, and a fashionable nursing cover so she can nurse at family parties if need be.
  • Diapers – Every new mom needs diapers. You can hand them a big box and she’d be perfectly thrilled, but why not take it up a notch and give the new mom a nappy cake? You can make your own or you can find an extensive range of newborn baby hampers and custom made nappy cakes, complete with newborn nappies and other goodies inside. These nappy cakes usually include not only newborn nappies, but plush toys, cotton wraps, or towels, and special treats for mom.
  • Baby clothes in a variety of sizes – Everyone buys onesies, pyjamas, and designer duds for newborn or 1 to 3 month sizes, but most forget about older sizes. Many new moms would love receiving baby clothes in larger sizes, all the way up to 12 months because then she doesn’t have to run out and buy more clothes as soon.
  • Modern diaper bag – Nowadays, new moms are always on the go so she needs a stylish diaper bag that she can haul around with her that won’t look unsightly. Try to find one in black or gray that will hold not only the baby necessities but her purse contents so she doesn’t have to lug that around too. If you can, buy a 2nd smaller one for the 2nd car so that each vehicle is always stocked.
  • A bouncer or swing – These bouncy seats will save a new mom’s life since she can set her baby in them and get a minute to complete a task while baby is entertained by colourful lights or sounds.
  • Personal gifts – While stand gifts are always appreciated, it never hurts to think outside the box, and new parents love sentimental gifts. Those onesie stickers that highlight monthly growth and progress are a big hit, as are photo frames, pictures, or hand-drawn sketches of the family. Another one that will make mom tear up is a personalized kit for capturing baby’s finger and footprints and then framing them. These are the things she’ll want to keep.
  • Services – Another way to help a new mom is do stuff for her. This can be as simple as bringing over some casserole dinners so she doesn’t have to cook for a week or two. Alternatively, you could help her clean her house or hire her maid service. The other kinds of services new moms like are gift certificates. This could be to pamper herself at the spa or for a class she and the baby can do together, such as Mommy and Me swim classes.

This only cracks the surface of the items that new moms really need for their babies, but it will give you lots of ideas next time you’re invited to a shower.


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