5 Ways to Refresh Your Home This Spring

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Weather may still be rainy and gloomy, but the fact is that spring is just around the corner. So, why don’t you make sure that you welcome the sunshine and colorful waking nature in true spring style? For starters, you can refresh your home; after all, there’s nothing like a pleasant home environment to boost and brighten your mood as you welcome the warmer months. And if you’re wondering what options you have when it comes to adding a positive vibe to your home, take a look at the following ideas. These won’t take up a lot of your time yet they can truly give an amazing makeover.

1. Play with colors

play with colors

There are many ways to introduce color into your home. And, in all honesty, colorfulness may be the simplest yet most effective way to spring up your interior. For example, you can always change the color of your walls. Even one accent wall in a bright shade is more than enough for a complete transformation. On the other hand, you can get interesting and spring-inspired self-adhesive wallpaper for easy and no-fuss application. Aside from your walls, you can add more color with textures. A bright rug and sofa throw, flowery curtains, new cushion covers – you name it – the colorfulness and fun of textured details can make your home comfortable, cozy and vibrant.

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2. Shimmer for all

Shimmer and glitter may seem like something you’d use for summer or winter décor, but if you opt for a metallic shimmer/glitter details and accessories that have a pink, blue and/or greenish sheen, you can add a touch of perfect spring glam look to your home. What you can do with shimmery details depends solely on you. On one hand, you can introduce a statement detail here and there. On the other hand, you can use cut-out shimmery wallpaper for custom wall art and even opt for a modern trend among carpets – you guessed it – a shimmery one. This is truly a great look since it can go extremely well with really personal as well as modern, minimalist homes. In the end, it’s all about how you choose to decorate from there.

3. Furniture for spring

furniture for spring

Spring is the perfect time for a change. This doesn’t only involve big spring cleaning but also replacing items that simply don’t work for you anymore. Take a good look at your home. Is it perhaps the right time to check out new stylish lounges or reupholster your sofas and chairs? Aside from that, you can play with furniture DIYs as well. For instance, a great way to refresh your coffee table would be to decorate it by using a decoupage technique or repaint your bookshelf by using one shade on the inside and another complementary shade on the outside.

4. Plants and flowers everywhere

plants and flowers everywhere

Is there a better way to refresh your home and prepare it for spring than with nature’s help? Probably not. Therefore, don’t hesitate to fill up your home with greenery. Surround yourself with plants and flowers that you simply love to look at. These are very beneficial for your mental and even physical health as well. One of the biggest trends when it comes to interior plants this year is using plants with very rich foliage as well as vines as a decorative statement piece. Of course, if you’re not a fan of real flowers you can always opt for well-made faux ones.

5. Spice up your walls and décor

spice up your walls with decor

Wall art and decorative bits and bobs can make a huge difference in your home design even if you don’t go overboard (and you shouldn’t). One of the best ways to add spring feel to your home is to put up your own wall art. Unleash your artistic spirit with watercolors and see what you can come up with. On the other hand, various embellishments such as feathers, tassels, contemporary clocks, fringing, tufting, etc. make for a perfect addition to your spring home look. How you’re going to incorporate these details is all up to you because there’s nothing more pleasant and soothing than a truly personal environment that came to life with your own creativity.

With so many different ways to freshen up your home for spring, don’t forget that avoiding mess and clutter is still very important for your well-being. So, enjoy your creative freedom as much as you want but not at the cost of easy movement and pressure-free environment.

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