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Taking care of your voice is an important part of any voice over actor’s routine. Here are some tips from the finest British voice actors. You will quickly learn how to keep your voice crisp and healthy, and feel far more comfortable with your vocal routine once you follow these easy steps. This article gives five tips for using maintaining your voice, and avoid vocal cord damage.

#1: Keep Your Voice Low

Try and keep your voice down. You will find that many female voiceover actors have soft voices. The actors who have trained themselves to keep their voices low will keep their voices from being hoarse or lost, and there are many voiceover actors who will keep their voices soft to prevent any problems.

#2: Use Cough Drops

Using lozenges or cough drops ensure that your throat is moist, and helps avoid any hoarseness that you may feel if you spend a whole day talking. There are quite a few people working in the industry who will keep a supply of cough drops with them just in case they need some.

#3: No Shouting

You must avoid shouting at all costs. There are many people who know that they should tone down their voices but continue to speak loudly. Try and stop yourself from shouting when you know that you may be prone to it. Someone who has issues with their voice may notice that they shout more often than needed and that they have been probably shouting too much in the past.

#4: Take A Lesson

Take voice lessons from a voiceover artist. Anything you may use to keep your voice in the finest shape possible will be helpful so your voice remains as smooth and calm as possible. Try new exercises and tips to keep your throat healthy. Singers often give the best advice. Over the years you will build a voice health program you may be happy with.

#5: Stay Hydrated

This is probably the simplest and the most beneficial thing you may ever do to care for your voice. Prominent British female voiceover artists drink water several times whilst performing. These artists understand the importance of keeping their body and throat hydrated. Drinking water performs many functions and will also help your skin look young as well.

You may use any of these five tips to improve your vocal health, and you will find working in the voiceover world is much easier. You will be able to work long hours without ever wearing out your voice and avoid throat problems caused by overuse.

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